Curriculum Standards

"The rigor that matters most for the 21st century is demonstrated mastery of the core competencies for work, citizenship, and lifelong learning. Studying academic content is the means of developing competencies, instead of being the goal, as it has been traditionally. In today's world, it's no longer how much you know." Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap (2008)

State of Michigan Standards
English Language Arts Michigan Standards 
Michigan State Standards - Math K-12
Michigan Standards for Science NGSS
Proposed Social Studies Standards - Michigan Department of Education.
Art Education Michigan Standards 
Michigan State Health Standards 
Michigan State Standards for Physical Education
Michigans CTE Standards - by Program
Michigan World Language Standards


Bloom's Taxonomy 


 The New Bloom's Taxonomy - Visual 

Depth of Knowledge (DOK)

The Depth of Knowledge Chart 
Cognitive Rigor Matrix - Applying DOK Levels to Bloom's Cognitive Process Dimensions - Math & Science 

Marzano's THE ART & SCIENCE of TEACHING Resources

Learning Map - Marzano Art & Science of Teaching Framework 

Resources - Non-subject Specific
* Indicates resources from 2012 The Leadership Learning Centers, All Rights Reserved - Posted with Permission

Websites with Resources

Engage New York  

Other Resources

 Pedagogical Shifts demanded by the New State Standards - from Engage NY 
 New State Standards: Shifts for Students and Parents - PowerPoint from Engage NY 
 The Spiral Effect - ELA Example* 
 Examine the Spiral Effect - Writing Example* 
 Why Increase the Amount of Nonfiction Writing that Students do*

Resources - English Language Arts (ELA) Standards 
* Indicates resources from 2012 The Leadership Learning Centers, All Rights Reserved - Posted with Permission

 ELA K-12 Chart* 
 Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects 6-12 *  
 Comparison Matrix - Types of Writing* 
 Thinking about Text Complexity* 

Resources - Math Standards

Everyday Math or ConnectED 

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