Portrait of a young man smiling outdoors with a natural green backdrop. He has dark, tousled hair and is wearing a casual grey t-shirt. His friendly expression and relaxed demeanor are highlighted by soft, natural lighting.
Howell Air Force JROTC Cadet Receives Highly Competitive Navy ROTC Scholarship
Scholarship provides full tuition at any university with an NROTC program
A group of happy students posing in a gymnasium with a large ceremonial check. The check is for $204,479.95, made out to "Community Catalysts," and is dated April 28, 2024, indicating the successful completion of a fundraiser by Howell High School. The students, some wearing colorful bandanas, shirts labeled 'Senior Survivor,' and various costumes including a carrot suit, are smiling and standing or kneeling in two informal rows. They are in front of brown bleachers, and the scene suggests a celebration of their achievement.
Howell Senior Survivor Raises $204,479.95 for Howell-Based Non-Profit
Community Catalysts plans to use funds raised to support affordable housing for young adults within Livingston County.
A large group of students gathers for a group photo in a school gymnasium. They are wearing various clothing, mainly in shades of green and white, indicating support for Michigan State University, as evident by some wearing 'MSU' and 'Spartans' apparel, and the prominent display of a Michigan State University Spartans flag held in the center. The atmosphere is celebratory and collegial, with some students holding star-shaped balloons and all of them smiling or looking towards the camera. Banners in the background suggest the setting is a school event, possibly related to sports or a pep rally
Howell High School Decision Day Celebrates Seniors’ Post-Secondary Education Plans
The celebration featured a parade of seniors proudly displaying signs that showcased their chosen colleges, universities, or future paths.
Side-by-side professional portraits of two women against a gray background with the Howell Public Schools logo in the bottom center. On the left, a woman with short dark hair and a black top smiles at the camera, wearing a pearl necklace. On the right, a woman with long wavy hair and a brown shawl over a black top also smiles at the camera
Howell School Board Members Receive Honors from MASB
Christy Conn and Meg Marhofer complete MASB trainings.
Professional headshot of Amy Nicholas, a smiling woman with shoulder-length curly light brown hair, wearing a white blouse in front of a white brick wall.
Amy Nicholas Honored as Social Worker of the Year by NASW-Michigan
Amy has spent her career supporting students in preschool through high school within Howell Public Schools.
A group of eight students and one teacher from Howell High School stand proudly at the FCCLA State Conference 2024. They are smiling and posing for the photo, dressed smartly in red blazers, except for the teacher who is in a red cardigan, and a student on the far right in a black vest and white shirt with a top hat. They are holding a large FCCLA banner featuring the organization's logo and the words "Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Howell High." The setting appears to be an indoor conference area with chairs and a presentation screen in the background.
A collage of Howell High School students at the DECA State Competition; top left shows two male students holding awards, top right two male students wearing medals, and bottom image a large group of students with their advisor, all smiling proudly.
DECA Champions Bound for International Competition
Four students headed to DECA International Event.
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