How can I find out if school is canceled?

By radio: WHMI - 93.5 FM and WJR - 760 AM

By television: FOX 2, WDIV, WLNS, WXYZ and WILX

Online: District's website, Facebook and Twitter

How many students does a bus hold?

We have buses of three different sizes, designed to carry a maximum of 65, 71 or 77 students. We NEVER exceed the maximum capacity of any bus at any time.

Why can't my son/daughter ride the bus to a friend's house?

Each student entitled to transportation will be assigned to a specific bus and bus stop, which will be the same for the entire year unless a change is requested by a parent and approved by the Transportation Supervisor. If a student requires transportation to or from an alternate address for child care purposes, a "Request for Alternate Bussing" form must be completed by the parent or guardian. These forms are available at all schools and must be turned in to the Transportation Dept. If the request is approved, the student will be assigned to the new bus and bus stop. We require a one-week notice to ensure that the change does not result in the overcrowding of any bus, alter any regular route, bus stop, schedule or in any other way interfere with the regular operation of the transportation system. No request will be approved for the purpose of entertainment or for the simple convenience of the parent, guardian or student. In an emergency, written requests may be waived. Such emergency requests must be made to the child's principal who will then be responsible to coordinate necessary actions with the Transportation Supervisor.

What is doubling and why is it done?

Doubling a bus run happens when there are not enough bus drivers available. When this happens the bus run will be spilt up and students will be placed on another bus that has stops in the same area.

When a bus run is doubled, we make every effort to keep any extra time spent on the bus to a minimum. If you wish to know the status of your child's bus run at any time, you are welcome to call us at 517.540.8011.

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