Hutchings Elementary Tigers’ Math Day is a Home Run

Hutchings Elementary Tigers’ Math Day is a Home Run
Posted on 05/26/2017
A Hutchings Elementary Student Throws A Ball During Tigers' Math Day

5/26/17 – Recently Hutchings Elementary third-grade students took their math lessons to the ballpark during Tigers’ Math Day. The school’s third-grade teachers Ms. Heather Buckingham, Ms. Robin Highum, Ms. Tina Nelson used Tigers’ Math Day as a way fun way to reinforce the math skills students have been learning in class. “Math isn’t always fun for students, but when you take the math lessons and apply them to something that kids really like such as baseball, the students become more engaged in their learning,” said Buckingham. “Whenever we tie a lesson to a real life situation it really helps the students understand why were are studying a skill or concept,” added Highum.


Tigers Math Day consisted of four stations the Homerun Hustle, the Tiger Throw Down, Miggy’s Triple Crown and the Batter’s Up Sweet Spot. At Homerun Hustle students ran the bases for speed and then calculated their average speed. Once back in the classroom each class found their class’ average speed around the bases. During the Tiger Throw Down each student pitched several baseballs and figured out their average distance. At Miggy’s Triple Crown students tossed beanbags trying to hit numbered spots on a baseball diamond and then used mental math to add up their score. At the Batter’s Up Sweet Spot station students used a hammer to test the vibrations on a baseball bat and find the bat’s sweet spot.


“We were trying to get our averages, like if you threw it further than shorter, you have to find average of your throws. We learned about averages from our teachers because they are great,” said Gavigan, a Hutchings third-grade student.

“Tigers’ Math Day was a huge hit with our students. It was great to see the students applying their math skills to a real life situation,” said Nelson.

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